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Medic First Aid Instructor Course

I will be teaching a Medic First Aid instructor course June 1 and 2, 2016.   Hours are between 9 am and 4 pm daily.

If you are interested in becoming certified please send me an email at

For more information about the Medic First Aid training programs please go to Medic First Aid.




I attended the conference with the goal of learning about what is new in First Aid and CPR training, and also finding out what else I can add to my repertoire of training programs.  Two things interested me enough to attend breakout sessions that delved more into their subject.  The first was Safety Training.  The other was the STAR program.  I will give more details about the Safety Training later.  Right now I want to address one of the STAR program, which I found very relevant

The STARFISH Aquatics program is designed to teach parents and caregivers how to properly supervise children around water activities.

As Jill White, one of the founders of the program, pointed out, many adults do not understand what drowning is and how quickly it can occur. 

She said that one of the mistakes that parents make is that if there is a lifeguard on duty, they assume the pool or water park is safe.  This is not always the case, because a child can get into trouble very fast.

One statistic that Jill presented is that 50 percent of all deaths in children under five is caused by drowning.

Materials for this program are now available and I will be scheduling classes for May of 2016.

If you have an interest in the program please send me an email at and I will keep you advised of class dates.



Now Available as Kindle Books


The Stela Cave as an eBook

For Darla Moore and her dive buddies Claude Johnson and Carlos Morales, it was just another cave dive. Then, their team discovered the Stela Cave and a document that would change the way the world viewed the Mayans and the Spanish Church’s involvement in the Mexican Yucatan. After they enlist the help of Mayan experts Franco De Paz and Andrea Whitehead, their search for the truth takes as many turns as the caverns they end up exploring. Deciphering the journal from 1518 proves to be both a challenge and a mystery. Their quest is further complicated by Carlos’ father, who does not believe the journal should ever be made public because of its volatile content. There is also the question of proving that the journal is authentic. When the team tries to recover more evidence from the cave to prove their claims, things turn deadly.

Authors Note:  A version of this book previously appeared under the name The Stela Passageway and was published by PublishAmeria.  I have since had the rights to this work returned.  In this revised and expanded version the I  have taken advice from reviewers and further developed the characters and improved the story. Although a work of fiction, this book is based on historical facts.  In the early 1500’s, Spanish explorers came ashore in what is now the Mexican Rivera and interacted with the Mayan peoples.  They left one account of that encounter.  The Stela Cave presents another version. This work is fiction; however references to some historical events are accurate.

Here is a link to the


News from the Health and Safety Conference

Prestan develops and markets medical training products serving the needs of the Emergency Response and Healthcare Markets worldwide. As one of the sponsors of the HSI conference they donated four door prizes.  Here I am on the left with the AED Trainer that I was lucky enough to win. The Prestan Rep is on the right, other winners are in the center of the photo.

I recently attended a First Aid and CPR conference in Nashville Tennessee put on by the HSI.  HSI (Health and Safety Institute) is the .parent company for Medic First Aid, the company I have been pleased to be associated with more than 27 years.   aaa



The Jaguars Paw is now an eBook on sale at

The thief known as The Jaguar has been responsible for the transportation and sale of stolen Mexican artifacts for a number of years. The trail leads Darla Moore and her friends Claude Johnson, Carlos Morales, Franco DePaz and Andrea Whitehead to the small Village of Hopkins in Belize. There, the group of friends encounter the mysterious Angie and another puzzle. That is how artifacts that disappeared from Iran ended up on the ocean floor near Hopkins. The search for clues crosses the Atlantic and back again and leads the group to the wreckage of a once-proud ship and a life-threatening encounter at two hundred feet below the ocean floor.